Tinee9: Adding Calm to your Engineering

Tinee9 wants to help people get excited about electronics especially electronics design. It may seem intimidating but there are a lot of resources out there to help you out. These resources can help you be inspired and give you the education you need to design your own product, invention, or personal widget. 

Basic Tutorials

  • Instructable: 3-Axis Accelerometer LIS2HH12 Module Setup

    Need help working with the 3-Axis Accelerometer LIS2HH12 Module here is an instructable to help.

    Instructable 1

  • Instructable: Basic Arduino Earthquake Detector

    Want to build a basic earthquake detector that will let you know if you had a minor or major earthquake. This instructable will help you do that.

    Instructable 2

  • Instructable: Arduino Self-Balancer

    Tinee9 presents the Arduino Self-Balancer just using an Arduino Nano, a servo, and the Tiny9 LIS2HH12 Module.

    Instructable 3


Do your modules work with Rasberry Pi or other microcontrollers?

Yes, our modules work with any microcontroller. Currently, the only libraries made are for the Arduino compatible microcontrollers if planning on using my source code.

Where is your source code?

Our source code is currently on Github

Does Tinee9 have any specialties other than generic sensor modules?

Tinee9 does have 5 years of experience in DO-160 & Mil-STD-461 EMI Filter Design and Motor controller design for aerospace applications.

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